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Mr. Shoukathali K, Director (Founder & Chairman)


Every great journey begins with a single important step. Mr. Shoukathali, aged 62, took the first step in 1998 by establishing a Proprietary concern. As a first-generation entrepreneur, he had to build everything from the ground up. He is a man of integrity and ensures that the company is doing ethically right things.


Mr. Salahudheen Ali K, Managing Director


Mr. Salahudheen Ali, aged 38, is the eldest son of Shoukathali (Founder & Chairman) is the Managing Director of the company. He is a master strategist and is instrumental in scaling up the operations of the company. His commitment to excellence coupled with passion for innovation has enabled him to create customer delight since inception. He is a well-respected businessman enjoying good rapport with the business and political arena. 

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Mr. Asim Usman, Director


Mr. Asim Usman, who completed course in B.Tech Civil Engineering from MG University expert in psychology of money and philosophy. Being an enthusiast of technology and internet, he is an early adopter of Bitcoin (2014). Passion in Bitcoin space had made him among top 3 bitcoin miners in Kerala (2015). He is the founder of India's most vibrant Cryptocurrency community, Team Crypto (2017).


Mr. Mohammed Jazeel K T, Director


Mr. Mohammed Jazeel holds a B.Tech degree in Naval Architecture and Ship Building from Cochin University of Science & Technology in first-class and pursuing his MBA in IGNOU. He is an experienced Project Manager with 7 years of field experience from Steel Industrials Kerala Limited. He is a member of various professional bodies including The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, UK (RINA), Institution of Naval Architects, India.


Mr. Anjoom Shareef, Director

Mr. Anjoom Shareef, holds a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from MG University with 8 years of business experience skilled in strategic planning and technical innovations. He places a premium on innovation, project management and talent development, particularly in leadership roles. He is also Managing Director and founder of our sister concern company M/s TMC Gypsum Products Pvt. Ltd.    


Mr. Abdul Samad, Director


Mr. Abdul Samad, holds a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from MG University with 7 years of civil construction market experience had a proven portfolio in his business career. He is also Director and one of the founder of our sister concern company M/s TMC Gypsum Products Pvt. Ltd.     

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